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Moving Asphalt Into the Future

Asphalt has been economically and safely used for our roads and roofs for well over 100 years. United Asphalts has been manufacturing the highest quality asphalt products since 1961. We focus on the production of cost effective, durable and safe products for the roads and roofs of the future.

About United Asphalts

United Asphalts is a family owned company that has been producing high quality asphalt products since 1961. We regularly ship to the entire U.S. and Canada along with other countries around the world. We are a company that cares about the quality of our product and customer service.

Questions About Asphalt?

Have you wondered how asphalt compares to other material choices in terms of durability, environmental safety and cost? Click below to see answers to some commonly asked questions about asphalt, you may be surprised by the answers you find!


Why Choose Built-Up?

Leading Manufacturer of Asphalt Products Since 1961

Trusted Quality

United Asphalts products are approved by all major manufacturers of BUR systems for NDL warranty projects. 

Durable Packaging

Our heavy 6mil heat shrink shrouds ensure our product will hold up in inventory under the harshest conditions.

Superior Service

Our dedicated team is here to help make your next job a success.

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