SEBS Modified Asphalt

An all-new product from United Asphalts! Choose ENDURAflex HT SEBS Polymer-Modified Asphalt when you need a built-up roof that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

Easy to Handle 50# Keg

  • 48 Baby Kegs per Pallet
  • 20 Pallets per Truckload
  • 960 Baby Kegs per Truckload
  • Average Full Truckload Weight = 48,000 lbs.

A United Asphalts Exclusive!

Superior Packaging

Every pallet of asphalt shipped is protected by our heavy 6mil heat shrink shrouds.

These high-quality, durable shrouds ensure that our asphalt will hold up in your inventory under the harshest of conditions.

  • Reduce inventory loss
  • Order more when prices are lowest
  • Greater customer satisfaction


ASTM D6152 SEBS Modified Asphalt

 ASTM D6152
Softening Point, (F) before & after heat exposure185275200
Softening Point (F) change after heat exposure-99-9 to 9
Flash Point (F)500-575
Penetration, units @77 (F) before & after heat exposure206036
Penetration change @77 (F) before & after heat exposure-512-5 to 12
Solubility in Trichloroethylene %99%-99%
Tensile elongation, % @77 (F)750%->900%
Elastic Recovery %80%->90%
Low temperature flexibility, pass at (F)-20PASS

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