SEBS Modified Asphalt

An all-new product from United Asphalts! Choose ENDURAflex HT SEBS Polymer-Modified Asphalt when you need a built-up roof that can withstand the most extreme conditions.

ENDURAflex HT – SEBS Modified Asphalt
When your Built-Up jobs demand the absolute best, choose United Asphalts ENDURAflex HT SEBS Modified Asphalt. With SEBS modified asphalt you get the best of both worlds. Specifically, the waterproofing and weatherability of traditional asphalt along with the tensile strength, elastic recovery and resistance to UV degradation that SEBS provides. Get superior adhesion and resistance to cracking and delamination at low temperatures. When you need the most durable roof available, choose United Asphalts ENDURAflex HT.



  • More architects are specifying the use of SEBS for Built Up Roofs on schools, military & government installations
  • Best performance in extreme conditions including hail and high heat
  • Improved UV resistance over oxidized asphalt and SBS asphalt
  • Low permeability of water means excellent waterproofing properties
  • High tensile elongation allows movement without breakage
  • No New Equipment! – Thermal stability means no jacketed kettles required
  • Ideal for use in Vegetative and Inverted roof systems

Easy to Handle 50# Keg

  • 48 Baby Kegs per Pallet
  • 20 Pallets per Truckload
  • 960 Baby Kegs per Truckload
  • Average Full Truckload Weight = 48,000 lbs.

A United Asphalts Exclusive!

Superior Packaging

Every pallet of asphalt shipped is protected by our heavy 6mil heat shrink shrouds.

These high-quality, durable shrouds ensure that our asphalt will hold up in your inventory under the harshest of conditions.

  • Reduce inventory loss
  • Order more when prices are lowest
  • Greater customer satisfaction


ENDURAflex HT SEBS Modified Asphalt Meets or Exceeds ASTM D6152 Standards

 ASTM D6152
ASTM D6152
Softening Point, (F) before & after heat exposure185275
Softening Point (F) change after heat exposure-99
Flash Point (F)500-
Penetration, units @77 (F) before & after heat exposure2060
Penetration change @77 (F) before & after heat exposure-512
Solubility in Trichloroethylene %99%-
Tensile elongation, % @77 (F)750%-
Elastic Recovery %80%-
Low temperature flexibility, pass at (F)-20

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